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Our Prosecco Van Owners

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Our Prosecco Van Owners

Prosecco vans are available to bring the Prosecco fizz to your event, what better way is there to serve the Prosecco? The vans have installation of Frizzante 1754 on draught. Others carry standard Prosecco 1754, the trend has already started with our Skinny, more and more people are asking for the Skinny Prosecco as it’s a much better way to drink alcohol and not feel bad about the calories!! There are now even more Prosecco vans all around the country ready to bring the van to your event. 

Tuck & tipple van image

Tuck & Tipple van image

For hiring fizz for the day Elliott, Joe & Mitchell have Tuck & Tipple Prosecco van which is a bespoke trailer bar based in East Yorkshire. The van can be tailored to suit your wedding, festival or event. They love to travel the UK to meet new people while providing high quality service. The van stocks Frizzante 1754 on tap, Prosecco 1754, a range of Beers, Ciders, Spirits, Wines and Soft Drinks from a friendly team who want to give a luxurious experience to their customers.

Prosecco at Tiffany's van image

Prosecco at Tiffany’s van image

For bubbles around chapel Allerton area we have Tiffany with her Prosecco at Tiffany’s van who will travel up to 30 miles with a free delivery charge. On their website you’ll get what you need as they have a variety of packages for you to chose from to suit you. In the van they stock Frizzante 1754 on tap as well as Prosecco 1754 but they can also stock other kegs such as; Lager, Ale and Cider as long as its been ordered in advance for your event.